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Interested in Delivering a Webinar?

Establish yourself as an Expert by delivering a webinar!

Show the world that you understand and care about the problems and issues that affect their lives, organizations, and communities.

The Company of Experts is looking for individuals who can develop and deliver webinars that are consistent with all of our other webinars in tone, style, and length. We seek out the most qualified individuals to train and facilitate within their specialized subject field. Each webinar presenter must have a strong commitment to the theory and practice of their subject area; bringing a balance of education, consulting and on-the-job experience so as to bring unique, real-world richness to the webinars. In addition, the webinar presenter must strive to create a learning environment that is open, respectful and focused to ensure that participants will have practical and relevant experience to immediately implement when returning to work. Company of Experts, Inc. is known for delivering exceptional training and consulting services to hundreds of organizations, groups, and individuals in corporate and academic sectors and has received 5-Star ratings for their on-site trainings, programs, and webinars.

If you are webinar presenter that is recognized for their ability to create warm and supportive communities so that learners thrive, then we are looking for you…

Being a webinar presenter for the Company of Experts includes:

  • Name recognition
  • Possible referral fee
  • Backed by our Company’s reputation
  • No administrative duties/responsibilities (i.e. money, registration)
  • Promotional materials included

Learn More:

Brenda M. Rodriquez

Contact Information:

54 S. Plum Grove Road
Palatine, IL 60067 USA


Work: (847) 372-9819

ReEnvision Coaching

Social Media Networks:

Working Portfolio:
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Brenda M. Rodriquez_Prolfile Picture 2013

Brenda M. Rodriguez, MPA, CSC, CPT, PMP, AIFT is an independent consultant specializing in organizational learning and development and program design and development. She is best known for creating learning environments that promote reflection, dialog and shared awareness and action. She is committed to supporting diverse and inclusive environments, and compassionately engaging communities, teams, leaders, and others using appreciative inquiry and action learning to guide organizational transformation and improved performance and outcomes. She is committed to a partnership and inquiry-based approach to consultation.

She has worked in over 20 countries, is multilingual, and is a U.S. Navy veteran.


  • Appreciative Inquiry Consulting & Training
  • Board Training & Retreats
  • Business Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Content Development
  • Large-Scale Summit Design
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Workshop Facilitation
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What is an Expert on Call (EoC)?

Are you a consultant, coach, trainer or facilitator called to create a thriving, more sustainable world?

As an Expert on Call (EoC) you could be a part of a global network of change agents forming a generative community focused on this shared mission. Our Expert on Call (EoC) program is an international network of people with outstanding expertise in Coaching, Consulting, Facilitating, Keynoting, and Training. This network of individuals serves the needs of the community colleges, schools and universities, businesses and corporations, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Company of Experts, Inc. seeks out the most qualified trainers and facilitators within their specialized subject field. Each Expert on Call has a strong commitment to the theory and practice of their subject area with a balance of education, consulting, training, and on-the-job experience adding unique real-world richness to our offerings. Our Experts on Call are proficient in helping individuals, groups, and organizations define their desired learning outcomes (i.e., knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits) and design active, experiential, engaging, participatory workshops to help clients achieve those outcomes.

Each Expert on Call has an editable profile page that includes your photo and professional biography that highlights your specialties, articles, videos and testimonials. As an Expert on Call, your profile will be added to our Directory – making you and your company searchable by our worldwide audience.

Experts on Call also enjoy several other benefits, such as: free event postings, being a featured Expert in our “Ask the Expert” or “#AskEoC” programs, publish your articles, add your products to our store and more. To see a full list of benefits, please click here.

Interested in becoming an Expert on Call? Apply today.

TweetChat Platforms

There are a variety of tools that you can use to participate in a tweet chat. Here are the more popular options; we have sorted them based on technology comfort level:


AskEoC Twitter SearchThe easiest way to participate is to log into your Twitter account, enter #AskEoC into the search at the top of the page and it will display the #AskEoC Twitter conversation. From here, hover over the tweet for tools to reply, retweet (RT) or favorite. As new tweets arrive, you’ll see an alert at the top center of the page, just click it to refresh the page. To send an original tweet of your own, just click on the blue pen in the menu bar on the upper right hand corner.  Be sure to add the hashtag #AskEoC to your tweet.


AskEoC TweetchatTweetChat at http://tweetchat.com/room/AskEoC. You’ll be asked to enter your Twitter account username and password, followed by granting your permission for Tweetchat to pull in your tweets (authorize app). Doing so allows you to not only see the conversation thread but to also participate in it.

TweetChat offers its users the benefit of:

  • Tweeting to the chat without having to type the hashtag (“#AskEoC” will automatically be inserted into your tweet for you – ensuring that your tweet is included in the conversation)
  • Refreshing your screen with new tweets (You can adjust your refresh speed – 5 seconds is the minimum available)
  • Filtering out retweets so that you may remove clutter from your twitter feed.


If your comfortable with Tweet Grid, TweetDeck, Hootsuite or any of your preferred tools, you can certainly use them to follow and participate in the conversation. Just be sure you remember to add “#AskEoC” to your tweets.

As with all Twitter Chats, anyone on Twitter will be able to see your posts whether they are attending the session or not.  Take a look at the Tips and Etiquette that provide the structure for our #AskEoC.

#AskEoC Tips

We’ve learned from others who host these kinds of events regularly and have collected the following tips to help make the experience a good one.

Before the #AskEoC

  1. Inform your twitter followers that you will be participating in a Tweet Chat before the #AskEoC begins and that you’ll be tweeting a lot for the next hour. It is also helpful to invite them to attend.  Here’s an example: “For the next hour I’ll be chatting about (insert chat topic) on #AskEoC with others in the Business Community. Join us! (insert details – date/time here)”. 
  2. If your tweets post to your Facebook, you may want to disable the application before the chat so that your tweets do not overwhelm your follower’s newsfeed. If you choose not to disable this application, please begin every response/comment with “@response” and it will not post to your Facebook.
  3. Learn the tools and Twitter Chat platform before #AskEoC starts.

During the #AskEoC

  1. Join our #AskEoC as soon as you feel comfortable. We are here to learn and grow from one another, so please say hi so we can welcome you to the discussion.
  2. Feel free to connect with our tweet chat moderator before or after the chat if you have questions. The tweet chat moderator will introduce themselves at the beginning of the chat and will be responsible for welcoming new chat members, keeping the discussion focused, and summarizing key points of the discussion.
  3. Don’t try to read every single tweet within the chat. Tweets can often flow by fast so just skim them as things go by and respond to those that peak your interest.
  4. Don’t worry at all about spelling or punctuation.
  5. Everything you write during the chat will go to ALL your Twitter followers (whether they participate in the chat or not) unless you send a direct message to someone.
  6. Stay on topic as best as you can. If there is another topic you would like to delve deeper into, please email Kathy at Kathy@CompanyofExperts.net with the topic of interest and we will work to add it to our #AskEoC schedule.
  7. It is NOT vital you answer all questions.
  8. Listen. Reading the tweets of others and considering them is ‘listening’.
  9. When typing a tweet, try to keep thoughts as complete as you can so followers outside the chat can learn from you.
  10. Re-tweeting the posts of another user in the chat is a common way to support statements from other tweeter and share them with your own network.
  11. It is acceptable to send a private tweet (direct message) to someone, but try to do it outside of the hashtag so that it doesn’t end up in the chat’s archive.
  12. The #AskEoC is not a tweet chat stream to market your own products or services.
  13. Remember to add “#AskEoC” to the end of each tweet unless you are using “TweetChat” for TweetChat will insert it into your tweet automatically.

After the #AskEoC

  1. Take time to review the conversation and questions after the #AskEoC has concluded. You can reap the greatest benefit of participation in tweet chats with the conversation you have between the scheduled #AskEoC.
  2. Feel free to share tweets from within the chat with your network (i.e. re-tweeting or commenting on the subject), but don’t forget to include #AskEoC so that your followers can follow along.

Each session is captured & posted on this website shortly after each session so you can come scan to review anytime

#AskEoC Etiquette

  1. Introduce yourself, location, your favorite topic or focus and what brought you to #AskEoC.
  2. Stay on topic as best you can. A new question will be asked every 10-15 minutes.
  3. When responding to a question, try to remember to include the number e.g., Q1, Q2, etc.
  4. Write/tweet in complete thoughts, it helps others track along the conversation.
  5. If you aren’t using Tweetchat which automatically includes the hashtag, then you’ll need to add it in order for your tweet to show up in the conversation. The hashtag is key.  If your tweet doesn’t show up in the conversation this is usually the reason. Remember the hashtag for our chat it: #AskEoC (lower case also works)
  6. Every now and then retweet (RT) the question to help us stay focused. Besides it helps those outside our conversation to follow along and contribute.
  7. Just like in Kindergarten. Be nice. We can disagree without being disagreeable.
  8. At the end of the session, re-introduce yourself and include any links or requests.

TweetChats – #AskEoC

What is #AskEoC?

The purpose of our Twitter Chat (titled #AskEoC) is to come together to answer questions, address concerns, and share stories and resources around topics that are of interest to you. Experts on Call (EoCs) will be online and available to answer your questions, suggest readings, and provide additional resources to help you as you. A new topic will be picked each month based on the interests of the group.

Why Participate in #AskEoC?

Participating in our #AskEoC offers several benefits, such as: building community, making new friends, learning from others, connecting with experts in the field, and discussing interesting topics.

When is #AskEoC?

#AskEoC date and time is TBD. Please check back for dates and times.

Submit a Topic or Question:

What topics or questions would you most like to explore during an #AskEoC? Your curiosity and questions help to enhance the dialogue and learning for all those involved in the chat. Kindly send all chat questions to Kathy at Kathy@CompanyofExperts.net. Please be sure to add your Twitter name e.g. @yourtwittername so we can credit you with the questions during the chat.

Stay Informed:

The official Twitter account for #AskEoC is @ExpertCompany. Follow this twitter account to receive information about upcoming #AskEoC chats, exclusive offers, specials and discounts for various trainings, online programs, webinars and podcasts.  In addition to receiving discounts, we also post new events, as well as industry related videos and articles that my interest you and your colleagues.

Tweet Chat Instructions:

To participate in our #AskEoC, you will need to have a twitter account. Make sure you add a photo and brief bio about yourself so that we may get to know each other better as we exchange ideas, thoughts, links, and resources during the #AskEoC.

Below are additional links to help you learn more about Tweet Chat:

Benefits of Being an Expert on Call (EoC)

Are you a consultant, coach, trainer or facilitator called to create a thriving, more sustainable world? Join the growing Expert on Call community and be a part of a global network of change agents forming a generative community focused on this shared mission.

The Company of Experts has created the Experts on Call program to provide expert support and peer collaboration for independent consultants who want to increase their impact for making a Positive Difference in the World Inspiring Success and Connections of People and Organizations.

Member Profile Page

Each Expert on Call has an editable profile page that includes your photo and professional biography that highlights your specialties, articles, videos and testimonials. Our editable EoC profile allows you to easily change information in the directory to reflect changes in your business (e.g. change of address, new products or services, latest publication, etc.).  Your EoC profile also makes your information available for search engines to index. Because our Expert on Call profiles receive high page ranks in Google, this is a good way to influence what people see when they search for you and your business.

Expert on Call Directory

Statistics show that most purchases start from an online search. This means that a business that wants to remain relevant in today’s market advertises itself in an online portal. Online directories have become a favorite place to start, especially for small businesses that do not have an extended budget. Online directories are popular among consumers these days because they offer an easy way to search for business companies and services that are nearby or within their local area conveniently through the use of the internet. As an Expert on Call, your profile will be added to our Directory – making you and your company searchable by our worldwide audience.

Build Your Brand

Brand building is a vital part of any business plan, and a well-managed Expert on Call profile can serve as a flagship for your brand. By keeping your EoC profile up-to-date and posting often on the Company of Experts website, you can build your brand bit by bit, increasing likeability and gradually building the trust of your potential clients through timely, relevant and interesting posts. Your brand is how you identify with your customer base, both future and current, and our Experts on Call program provides a perfect way to shape that brand the way you want.

Showcase Your Knowledge

The best way to gain credibility in a field is to become a go-to resource. The Expert on Call program offers a number of tools that help professionals engage with their peers and clients to exchange information and ideas. A few of these tools include: Tweet Chats and Ask an Expert. These tools serve as a great way to reach out to clients and colleagues and become part of the trending conversations in your field.

Publish Your Articles

Experts on Call are encouraged to post content onto the Company of Experts’ website. Besides building a following, great articles will also get shared via The Company of Experts, and its affiliate brands (Center for Appreciative Inquiry, Department Chair Institute, and Leadership Development Institute), social media channels leading to improved visibility. These shares will speed up the growth of your brand while also driving traffic to your Expert on Call profile, inviting comments on your post, and encouraging conversation on social media sites – further establishing social proof of the legitimacy of your content, increasing your rank in search engine results pages, and could lead to great networking or sales opportunities.

Event/Calendar Postings

Connect your company with Company of Experts’ international audience by posting your business-related events on our Event Calendar.  Experts on Call who purchase an annual membership receive two (2) free calendar postings ($100.00 value) and additional postings for the year are discounted to $35.00 each. Please note free calendar postings not used do not roll-over.

Networking/Collaboration Opportunities

It’s easy to get stuck in the same social circles. Branching out and meeting new professionals exposes you to new ideas and gives the opportunity to meet others who may be able to help your career in the future. The Expert on Call program will help you to build a network of useful contacts. Search the Expert on Call Directory to reveal experts and service providers. If you do not personally know the individual, you can send them an introductory email directly from their profile page.

Discounted Training Room Rental

As an internationally-recognized company for its leadership and professional development trainings, Company of Experts knows what components are needed to deliver a successful training. We have an on-site training facility that is open to Experts on Call to use for their trainings or workshops for a discounted rate. Our office is conveniently located near the McCarron International Airport and several hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. We can assist you with healthy catering, recommend hotels, and connect you with other resources to make your training the best possible. To learn more about our training room, please click here.

Coming Soon…

Marketing Services

With both competitors and potential customers constantly online, digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead. When you’re a small business owner the online world can seem intimidating. Company of Experts can assist you with your marketing efforts by creating engaging, well-designed emails and event pages that align with your organization’s brand. You provide the content, logos, color-scheme you desire, and contact list and we will do the rest.

Professional Development

In today’s fast-paced business world, the importance of staying current on the latest developments is increasingly important. Professional development programs, whether in an online class, webinar, podcast, face-to-face workshop, or a live conference with expert speakers, are a great way to stay competitive in an ever-changing professional landscape. The Company of Experts offers a wide range of development opportunities for consultants and coaches in areas as diverse as time management, leadership, social media, writing contracts, and more.



Why would I want to become an Expert on Call (EoC)?

When you join the Company of Experts as an Expert on Call (EoC), you join a well-recognized international Company. The Company of Experts has been delivering high quality training and consulting for twenty-five years. We are looking to build our presence while helping you build and discover the benefits of working with others who share your values. When you join as an Expert on Call, you are part of an elite team of independent consultants who are making a Positive Difference in the World Inspiring Success and Connections of People and Organizations.

As a member, you are not alone in building your business. You have the wealth of knowledge, connection and insight of the other members. You also have the ability to help us grow and design this program to be truly member focused.

What is the purpose of the Experts on Call (EoC) Program?

Connecting with new clients is complex. Experts on Call share branding and name recognition to build new and enhanced connections with clients and other consultants world-wide. This is an important social network that combines professional identities with enhanced brand capacity.

  1. Build Community: to unify, to be a portal for collaboration for Experts on Call;
  2. Enhance Member Visibility: to help raise the brand profile of the members of the Experts on Call;
  3. Unified Brand Visibility: to increase the brand profile of the Experts on Call Program;
  4. Grow Business Opportunities: to broaden the reach of business opportunities and establish partnerships to increase the bottom line;
  5. Focus on Nurturing Aspects of Business: to provide collaboration so that Experts on Call focus on what they do best;
  6. Achieve High Client Satisfaction: to maintain the high rate of customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth reputation that we have been building since 1989.

Am I guaranteed employment after joining the EoC program?

No. Due to the varied and complex nature of consulting, coaching, facilitating and training (as well as geographic differences) Company of Experts cannot forecast or guarantee the amount, duration, scope or location of trainings (and consulting) that its licensed trainers will receive in a given year. However, in the past we have had inquiries from various geographic regions and organizations regarding training and other services that we have been unable to fulfill because of logistics and availability. Company of Experts plans to refer these organizations to its Experts on Call (EoC) Members.

What is my employment status?

Experts on Call (EoC) are independent business owners and are not employees of the Company of Experts, Inc. or any of its Divisions.

Will my services by marketed by the Company of Experts?

The Company of Experts will publicize the Expert on Call Program as well as the availability of consultants, facilitators and trainer. The Company of Experts will provide press release template and other materials so that you may publicize your status as an Expert on Call.

If you would like to have us design your event/training page, manage registrations, send e-mail promotions highlighting your event, please contact us directly at (702) 228-4699 for a price estimate.

Will the Company of Experts set my consulting/coaching/training fee?

Experts on Call (EoC) are free to set their own rates for their workshops, trainings, webinars, and consulting and coaching assignments.

Will I be able to promote my business or firm as an Expert on Call?

Membership is for individuals. You can promote yourself as an Expert on Call (EoC).

Expert on Call (EoC) Application

Company of Experts, Inc. is pleased to offer the Expert on Call (EoC) Directory. Each Expert on Call is an independent business consultants looking to build their professional brand, network with industry experts, and build connections and relationships with clients. There are two ways to apply to become an EoC.

1. Register Online.

Before beginning your online registration, you will first need to create a free member login. We recommend that you have the following information ready to upload before you begin your online registration. You have the opportunity to modify and update your profile as you gather more items to add to your page. To begin your online registration, please click HERE.

  • Business information (address, telephone number, etc.);
  • Introductory Bio (140 characters or less). This is what will appear in the EoC Directory;
  • Biography (this will be seen on your Expert on Call Profile Page);
  • Social Media urls and IDs for: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Skype;
  • Specialties and/or Services you offer;
  • Articles Written or Books Published (if possible, please have the urls available);
  • Videos (if possible, please have the urls available – you may wish to create your own YouTube channel to increase your SEO);
  • Portfolio (e.g. webinars, presentations, podcasts, etc. – you may wish to create a SlideShare account to increase your SEO);
  • Clients you have served;
  • Testimonials from clients.

2. Register via E-mail/Fax.

To register by email or fax, please click HERE to download our EoC registration form. Kindly complete the form and either fax it to our office at (702) 906-1498 or email it to Kathy at Kathy@CompanyofExperts.net. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days to confirm your EoC registration .