Healing Healthcare Organizations

Webinar Overview:

Healthcare organizations are unique for several reasons: they are heavily regulated; rely on knowledge construction and use rather than information management; have caring for others as their primary reason for existence; are both high tech and high touch; and require continual change and innovation for sustainability.

These factors create a dynamic system in which the development of a culture of inquiry is necessary to support an environment in which change and innovation can thrive.  Appreciation creates the context for this healing environment through inquiry, relationship, and communication.

Healing is defined as “the natural process by which the body repairs itself. We can apply this same conceptual definition to healthcare-establishing a healing environment that will allow the “body to repair itself” through appreciative inquiry.

Healthcare organizations are complex systems that have historically approached change from a problem-identification and problem-solving framework. This approach works well for simple, time-limited, functional problems.  In order to change, transform, and yes, even heal the organization, a different approach is needed. Appreciative Inquiry provides that foundation for change, transformation, and healing. What we need are ways to transform the organizational culture through inquiry, relationship, communication, and collaborative partnerships. 

Designed For:

Doctors, nurses, administrators, healthcare educators, technicians, specialists, therapists, healthcare assistants, individuals working at nursing homes or assisted livings — in short, anyone who involved in the healthcare industry who wants to learn how to improve the culture of the healthcare organization in which they work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the elements of a healing environment: inquiry, relationship, and communication.
  • Examine ways to facilitate positive change that create a healing environment.
  • Construct strategies for creating a healing environment in your organization.
  • Reflect on your own personal characteristics as a leader of change.
Duration: Approximately 1 Hour
Price: $9.99 USD (for webinar recording only)
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Kristen Crusoe RN, MN, EdD has been in healthcare for over 20 years, working as a nursing leader and educator, consultant, and writer/researcher.  Dr. Crusoe has been an engaged AI facilitator for the past several years, and has worked with hospital, clinic, academic, and private organizations.  Kristen has a BA from Florida State University, a Master’s of Nursing from Oregon Health Sciences University, and a Doctor of Education from Oregon State University. She is on the faculty of Oregon Health Sciences University, Southwestern Oregon Community College, and University of Phoenix.  Kristen has extensive experience working with complex system improvements utilizing multiple quality improvement methodologies, including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Positive Deviance, and SOAR.

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