What is an Expert on Call (EoC)?

Are you a consultant, coach, trainer or facilitator called to create a thriving, more sustainable world?

As an Expert on Call (EoC) you could be a part of a global network of change agents forming a generative community focused on this shared mission. Our Expert on Call (EoC) program is an international network of people with outstanding expertise in Coaching, Consulting, Facilitating, Keynoting, and Training. This network of individuals serves the needs of the community colleges, schools and universities, businesses and corporations, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Company of Experts, Inc. seeks out the most qualified trainers and facilitators within their specialized subject field. Each Expert on Call has a strong commitment to the theory and practice of their subject area with a balance of education, consulting, training, and on-the-job experience adding unique real-world richness to our offerings. Our Experts on Call are proficient in helping individuals, groups, and organizations define their desired learning outcomes (i.e., knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits) and design active, experiential, engaging, participatory workshops to help clients achieve those outcomes.

Each Expert on Call has an editable profile page that includes your photo and professional biography that highlights your specialties, articles, videos and testimonials. As an Expert on Call, your profile will be added to our Directory – making you and your company searchable by our worldwide audience.

Experts on Call also enjoy several other benefits, such as: free event postings, being a featured Expert in our “Ask the Expert” or “#AskEoC” programs, publish your articles, add your products to our store and more. To see a full list of benefits, please click here.

Interested in becoming an Expert on Call? Apply today.

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