Interested in Delivering a Webinar?

Establish yourself as an Expert by delivering a webinar!

Show the world that you understand and care about the problems and issues that affect their lives, organizations, and communities.

The Company of Experts is looking for individuals who can develop and deliver webinars that are consistent with all of our other webinars in tone, style, and length. We seek out the most qualified individuals to train and facilitate within their specialized subject field. Each webinar presenter must have a strong commitment to the theory and practice of their subject area; bringing a balance of education, consulting and on-the-job experience so as to bring unique, real-world richness to the webinars. In addition, the webinar presenter must strive to create a learning environment that is open, respectful and focused to ensure that participants will have practical and relevant experience to immediately implement when returning to work. Company of Experts, Inc. is known for delivering exceptional training and consulting services to hundreds of organizations, groups, and individuals in corporate and academic sectors and has received 5-Star ratings for their on-site trainings, programs, and webinars.

If you are webinar presenter that is recognized for their ability to create warm and supportive communities so that learners thrive, then we are looking for you…

Being a webinar presenter for the Company of Experts includes:

  • Name recognition
  • Possible referral fee
  • Backed by our Company’s reputation
  • No administrative duties/responsibilities (i.e. money, registration)
  • Promotional materials included

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