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Success Stories/Case Studies

The documents found below are just a few of the practicums that have been submitted by individuals who have undergone our 4-day Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT) program. We celebrate in their achievements and enjoy learning how Appreciative Inquiry has influenced their lives – personally and professionally. We are so appreciative of the clients we serve and the joy they bring to our work. New stories are posted frequently, so check back often to see what new stories have been posted. Enjoy!

Bermuda College - Strategic Planning Using AI

Bermuda College – Strategic Planning Using AI

Quinn Practicum Cover

Kirtland Community College – Strategic Planning Using AI

COE Anniversary EditionCompany of Experts Anniversary Collection


Inspiring Parents and Teachers to Collaborate in Developing Dynamic, Strengths-Based Relationships

Delta College Ai Success Story

Delta College – Appreciative Inquiry (Ai) in the Classroom

Excelptional Classroom Learning Experiences: Breaking Down Language Barriers

Exceptional Classroom Learning Experiences: Breaking Down Language Barriers

Taking a Stand Against Corruption in the Red Zone with Appreciative Inquiry

Taking a Stand Against Corruption in the Red Zone with Appreciative Inquiry


Developing the Meaning and Value of Institutional Research


Using Appreciative Inquiry to Re-Imagine our College Strategy


Networking for a Mission: A Special Gathering of Notre Dame Educators


Building Capacity for Quality Improvement at Southeast Inc.


Coming Together: Envisioning the Future of Communication at the Univ. of MD


Creating Patient Centered Care through Inquiry

cna-qatarAppreciative Inquiry at College of the North Atlantic – Qatar
luke-youngeAppreciative Inquiry at UNIMA South Africa

kyle-hannah_ai-practicumMotivating Teachers to Create Positive Change within Learning Environments

ai-in-the-salamanca-city-central-school-districtAppreciative Inquiry in the Salamanca City Central School District

southeast-inc-appreciative inquiry practicum_Company of ExpertsProviding comprehensive behavioral healthcare at Southeast, Inc.
creating-revolutionary-change-through-the-process-of-appreciative-inquiry_4wordCreating Revolutionary Change through the process of Appreciative Inquiry
Becoming the Most Frequented Restaurant through Extraordinary Hospitality & Culinary Excellence

Creating a Vibrant Learning Group Conducive to Transformation and Growth

Creating a Compelling Image of the Future Being Our Best Together Discovering You at Your Best Using Appreciative Inquiry
Exploring a Relationships using Appreciative Inquiry Empowering Off-Campus Students by Providing Opportunities that Enhance their College Experience Appreciative Inquiry into Math Success Factors
Incorporating Interprofessional Education (IPE) into the Health Sciences Programs Building Organizational Capacity: Moving Adjunct Experience from “Good” to “Great”