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Refund Policy

All programs – face 2 face, online, webinar and hybrid (referred to as training in this refund policy)All fees are due upon registration.  Your full participation is very important to us and we know that from time to time, your plans to attend one of our workshops or programs may change.  Our refund policy reflects our interest in your continued growth and learning journey as well as our planning needs and expenses incurred based on your enrollment.If you are unable to participate, you may request to:

  • Reschedule to another training of equal or lesser value; or
  • Substitute someone in your place for that training;
  • To cover costs for rescheduling or substituting, we do charge a $25.00 fee per person;
  • If you cancel less than two weeks prior to the training, and we have confirmed catering and other per person expenses, a cost to recover these expenses may be charged.

If a training is canceled prior to the start of the training, you will automatically be registered in the next training of the same title; or you may apply these funds towards other training(s) offered within the 12 months following the cancellation.

Company of Experts reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any training.  We assume no responsibility for any costs that may be associated with attending one of our trainings (i.e., non-refundable airline tickets or hotel reservations).  The Company of Experts reserves the right to revise, modify, delete or add to our refund policy.

Registration funds/credits must be used within 1 year of initial registration date.

We do not provide refunds.

Contact Information:
Company of Experts, Inc
P.O. Box 371062
Las Vegas, NV  89137
Telephone:  702-228-4699

Email: Kathy at Kathy@companyofexperts.net

Thank you


For Leaders: Sixteen Ways of Developing Empathy

collaborate1Empathy, one of the competencies of emotional intelligence, is defined as the ability to be aware of, to understand and to appreciate the feelings and thoughts of others. We expect family and friends to empathize as they listen to us. We pay therapists to skillfully listen with empathy. What should we expect of our leaders?

As a quality of leadership, empathy is critical to success. Empathy may, indeed, prove to be the most significant skill of leadership. Try this experiment:

Think about the leader you most admire. Describe what you admire about him or her. Does the following description fit that individual?

People for whom empathy is a strength will generally interact well with others one-on-one, and they also work effectively in cooperative efforts. They will probably avoid hurting others’ feelings.

And does the following describe those leaders whom you do not so much admire?

People who are low in empathy often have difficulty understanding what others are feeling and thinking, and in giving due consideration to those feelings and thoughts. As a result, these leaders are often involved in misunderstandings and strained relationships.

Of course most leaders probably fall somewhere in the middle of the curve in their ability to empathize. But what is it that makes some more willing than others to “walk in another’s moccasins” and allow the feelings and thoughts of others to affect them and the decisions they make? Why do some leaders tend toward empathy, toward understanding others’ feelings and acting in a way that takes those feelings into account? Why do other leaders tend to be oblivious to what others are feeling and thinking? The answers to these questions are not simple, and both nature and nurture surely play a role. In developing as a leader, it is more important for you to know that empathy, like other emotional intelligence competencies, can be learned.

Typically, if you are a generally emotionally stable person, your empathy has been increasing as you have grown older. If you reflect on your life, you will probably realize that your experiences, whether in “real life” or in reading about others, of new situations and of people who are different than you-in age, in gender, in skin color, in ability, in sexual orientation, in religious beliefs, in nationality-have increased your store of empathy. Once you can put an individual human face on one of these “differences,” your empathy expands.

But there is more you can actually choose to do, actions you can take to increase your empathy and your ability to connect with colleagues, with bosses, and with those you supervise. Working with a coach, attending workshops, or doing some reading on your own are all ways to increase your own empathy. Here is a brief list of possibilities:

  • Make a habit of expressing your appreciation of others every day
  • Ask yourself, “What is this person feeling?” especially in those sticky situations
  • Be true to your promises to others
  • Become aware of the impact you have on others (keep a log!)
  • Identify and support a project that provides service to others who are in need
  • Learn to listen by reflecting thoughts and feelings back to others
  • Read widely to include perspectives of others who live or have lived lives very different from yours
  • Ask gentle questions: What can I do for you? What do you need?
  • Become an observer of how people express their feelings-including body language and other non-verbal communication
  • Build a work culture that is emotionally safe and friendly
  • Ask for feedback about your behavior, decisions, and words (perhaps through a 360 degree feedback instrument)
  • Attempt to see a tough situation from another’s perspective
  • Develop a sincere interest in other people by asking yourself what they have to teach you
  • Be willing to share your passions and interests with others
  • Don’t be afraid to express what you think, what you feel, what you need
  • Take an Emotional Intelligence assessment to learn more about your own ability to empathize

Article written by Dr. Barbara Kerr

For more information about Dr. Kerr’s Emotional Intelligence  Online Workshop, click here


Webinar FAQs Event Calendar Contact Us

webinars-picFor over 20 years, Company of Experts has delivered exceptional face-to-face trainings that have received 5-star ratings for their on-site trainings and programs. The Company is now bringing their trainings to you in the form of webinars.

Our webinars are interactive “mini” workshops on a specific topic usually one hour long. Our webinars are practical and focus on the most critical and relevant issues facing people today. Our primary goal is to provide participants with the information, training, and skills necessary to immediately implement positive change at their institutions. Many webinars will have pre and post hand-outs and materials.

Company of Experts encourages teams to participant in each webinar. We include an open discussion at the end of the webinar to reinforce how participants will integrate the content into their personal or organizational practices. This add-on to the webinar is typically 30 minutes or so after the webinar has concluded. This 30 minute coaching session adds to the value of the webinar and to your organization.

If you have questions about our webinars, please visit our Webinar FAQs page or contact our office at (702) 228-4699.

Registration Options:

Online: To register online, just click the title of the webinar you wish to attend and it will take you to the online registration page for the webinar.

Fax: To register by fax, click here to download our Registration form and fax it to (702) 242.6182. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days to confirm your registration.

Telephone: We also accept registrations taken over the phone. Just call our office (702) 228.4699 and we will be happy to process your order over the phone.

Special Pricing for Groups that Participate in our Webinars

Company of Experts encourages teams to participate in each webinar. We believe attending our webinars in groups can increase the value of the webinar for an organization. Each team member’s involvement in the webinar can have a tremendous impact on another member’s learning process. As they interact and learn new skills, more energy and enthusiasm is created. When this energy is utilized, it produces results which positively impacts engagement, motivation, and leads to even greater success.

Call Company of Experts at (702) 228-4699 for more information on group pricing.

If you would like to purchase group or multiple webinars (live and recorded) please contact Kathy for special pricing.

Upcoming Webinars

To view Company of Experts complete event listing, including webinars, please click here.

On-Demand Webinars

The links below provide an overview of the archived webinar, who it was designed for, its intended learning outcomes, as well as a short bio of the webinar presenter. If you would like to purchase one or more of our recordings, please contact Kathy for more information. She can be reached by phone at (702) 228-4699 or by email at Kathy@companyofexperts.net .

Webinar Title Date(s) Premiered Presenter(s)
Appreciative Inquiry and Families: Parents & Teens Aug. 24, 2010
Cheri Torres
Managing Time on the Run Aug. 19, 2010
Kathy Becker
Appreciative Inquiry for the Learning Organization Aug. 17, 2010 Cheri Torres
Managing Conflict at Work Aug. 5, 2010 Kathy Becker
Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities Mar. 30, 2010 Lane Glenn
The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Students Mar. 4, 2010 Richard Lyons
Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities Mar. 2, 2010 Lane Glenn
Foundations of Style:Behavior and the Bottom Line Nov. 19, 2009 Sue Cooney
Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities Nov. 12, 2009 Lane Glenn

Interested in delivering a webinar?

Do you have a webinar idea that you are willing to present that would benefit academics, healthcare professionals, non-profit organizations, corporations, governmental agencies, and other professionals?

Delivering a webinar, sponsored by the Company of Experts, will help build your credibility, expertise, and audience base. Together, with the help of Company of Experts staff, your webinar will be edited, designed, and promoted to ensure the highest degree of excellence.

Company of Experts welcomes webinar proposals and can range in topic. Webinar delivery dates and times are tailored to meet your busy schedule. Please download the webinar proposal form (download form here). Once completed, you may either email it to Kathy at Kathy@CompanyOfExperts.net or fax it to us at 702.242.6182.

We look forward to learning from you.


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Learning Styles

Designed For:

Learning StylesNew and Experienced Teachers (Pre-K to College Level) this workshop is designed for you.

Deans, Department Chairs  – anyone who oversees the budget, evaluation and oversight of instructional programs – understanding how learning occurs is fundamental to your success on the job.


Increase your methodologies and strategies to improve your students’ success.


  • Assess and understand your preferred learning styles.
  • Aware of how your learning style(s) impacts your teaching.
  • Ability to challenge and support learners based on learning strengths.
  • Ability to create lessons based on Kolb’s theory.
  • Ability to create lessons using other learning styles.
  • Ability to receive and give feedback to support learning.

Materials Required:

This workshop may require books, materials, online assessments, or the use of proprietary software which typically will be included in the cost of the workshop.

Customize Your Training:

Company of Experts, Inc. delivers its workshops in a variety of ways: on-site, hybrid, or online; providing users with the option to decide which learning method works best for their organization and/or individual.

To learn more about the location, price, availability, or to register for this workshop, please email Kathy at Kathy@CompanyofExperts.net

Space is limited, guarantee yourself a spot today!

Increasing Motivation

Designed For:

Building TeamsEveryone who works for a living-no matter what the organization or industry-education, law, banking, tech corporations, this workshop is ideal for everyone including managers and executives


What can you do, as a leader or team member, to maximize the positive effects of expectations, ability, motivation (or willingness), and conditions on your team or work group’s performance? What can you do, as a leader or a team member, to minimize the negative effects?


  • Assess what motivates you at work (McClelland)
  • Assess what motivates other people at work
  • Understand the influence of both motivation (willingness) and ability on performance at work (Hersey and Blanchard)
  • Use your understanding of both willingness and ability to positively influence attitudes and behavior at work
  • Apply and teach others what you’ve learned

Materials Required:

This workshop may require books, materials, online assessments, or the use of proprietary software which typically will be included in the cost of the workshop.

Customize Your Training:

Company of Experts, Inc. delivers its workshops in a variety of ways: on-site, hybrid, or online; providing users with the option to decide which learning method works best for their organization and/or individual.

To learn more about the location, price, availability, or to register for this workshop, please email Kathy at Kathy@CompanyofExperts.net

Space is limited, guarantee yourself a spot today!


Workshop FAQs Event Calendar Contact Us

Company of Experts, Inc. is known for delivering exceptional training and consulting services to hundreds of organizations, groups, and individuals in corporate and academic sectors and has received 5-Star ratings for their on-site trainings and programs.

Company of Experts, Inc. provides its users with the flexibility to complete their training by offering their renowned workshops in a variety of ways: on-site, hybrid, or online; providing users with the option to decide which learning method would work best for their organization and/or individual.

Company of Experts now offers online registration. Don’t want to register online? Company of Experts has created flexible registrations for you…

Phone: We also process registrations taken over the phone. Just call our office (702) 228.4699 and we will be happy to process your order over the phone.

Missing something? Company of Experts can customize trainings – just for you!


AdjunctSuccess is the only organization dedicated solely to the professional development needs of part-time professors, and the instructional leaders who coordinate their work. Members of AdjunctSuccess receive a seat in 15 live topical webinars and have access to archived recording, a monthly e-newsletter, and access to rich sets of printable and online resources. To learn more about AdjunctSuccess and its membership, please visit their website.



The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) advocates for over 1,200 two-year colleges nationwide. The AACC promotes its college members  through policy initiatives, innovative programs, research and information and strategic outreach to business, industry, and the national news media.  The AACC also encourages collaboration amongst its members by creating networking opportunities at all levels, which drive professional initiatives, dialogue, and community building. To learn more about the AACC and its benefits visit their website for more information.


FINTELO is a next-generation internet-based learning software program that makes online teaching and learning for instructors and students more engaging, immersive, enjoyable and easier to use than products that are currently available in the market today. Fintelo was created by Distance Edu Learning, Inc., which has committed its entire resources to creating innovative products and services that meet the needs of educational institutions, business organizations,and the military; providing the highest quality educational tools to the most critical end user – the learner! To learn more about Fintelo or to schedule a demonstration, please visit their website.


The League for Innovation in the Community College is an international organization dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement.  The League host conferences and institutes, develop Web resources, conduct research, produce publications, provide services, and lead projects and initiatives with our member colleges, corporate partners, and other agencies in our continuing efforts to make a positive difference for students and communities. The League is also the leading community college organization in the application of information technology to improve teaching and learning, student services, and institutional management. To learn more about The League and their upcoming conferences, please check out their website.


The North-American Council for Staff, Program and Organizational Development (NCSPOD)  serves a diverse membership comprised of colleges, universities, business, industry, consulting firms and government agencies from across the United States and Canada. NCSPOD’s mission is to increase institutional vitality by providing professional growth opportunities for our members, enabling them to establish, enhance and revitalize staff, program and organizational development in their organizations. NCSPOD creates opportunities for members to discuss and share professional development solutions to your faculty, staff, program and organizational development challenges. Check out their website to learn more.


The Community College League of California is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose voluntary membership consists of the 72 local community college districts in California. The Community College League of California’s mission is to promote student access and success by strengthening colleges through leadership development, advocacy, policy development, and district services. The Community College League of California is the primary advocacy organization for California community college districts and promotes effective leadership at all levels by delivering outstanding services and programs that engage districts and support their operations.If you would like to learn more about the programs and services offered by the Community College League of California, visit their website.


About Us

About Us

We’re focused on providing the absolute best consulting and training business that is based on fairness, equality and inclusivity.  This is our passion; it’s what we love to do.  

Our mission is to inspire the success and connection of people and organizations’ who envision a more sustainable thriving world.

Making a Positive Difference in the World

We support and engage with our local communities, changing lives, thriving together.  Experts on Call lead and participate in meaningful and generative programs in their communities, building an online network with others who share the same values.  Together, we are committed to creating wholeness, harmony and balance.

We are working to be consistently aware of our impact on the environment. As a consulting and training Company, travel is important.  How might we as a Company reduce our footprint and support others who do as well?

Do you have suggestions? Let us know.

Connecting Collaborative Communities for Good

We have outstanding collaborators, Experts on Call worldwide.  We are building the best network of experienced and trained consultants.  The Experts on Call program brings you outstanding, recognized independent consultants all in one location, online. Clients can post jobs and connect directly based on expertise and geography.  Join our newsletter to stay current on trends and events. Or join us on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

The foundation of this collaboration is the commitment to advocating building Communities for Good. Communities of learning and sharing knowledge to support wholeness of heart, equality, breaking down barriers and equality.

Building Generative Systems for Good

Aligning our values with Appreciative Inquiry, we engage in creating systems and structures that support learning and social awareness; creativity, positivity and enthusiasm for living systems with the perseverance to build community with compassion, enthusiasm and trust.