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webinars-picFor over 20 years, Company of Experts has delivered exceptional face-to-face trainings that have received 5-star ratings for their on-site trainings and programs. The Company is now bringing their trainings to you in the form of webinars.

Our webinars are interactive “mini” workshops on a specific topic usually one hour long. Our webinars are practical and focus on the most critical and relevant issues facing people today. Our primary goal is to provide participants with the information, training, and skills necessary to immediately implement positive change at their institutions. Many webinars will have pre and post hand-outs and materials.

Company of Experts encourages teams to participant in each webinar. We include an open discussion at the end of the webinar to reinforce how participants will integrate the content into their personal or organizational practices. This add-on to the webinar is typically 30 minutes or so after the webinar has concluded. This 30 minute coaching session adds to the value of the webinar and to your organization.

If you have questions about our webinars, please visit our Webinar FAQs page or contact our office at (702) 228-4699.

Registration Options:

Online: To register online, just click the title of the webinar you wish to attend and it will take you to the online registration page for the webinar.

Fax: To register by fax, click here to download our Registration form and fax it to (702) 242.6182. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days to confirm your registration.

Telephone: We also accept registrations taken over the phone. Just call our office (702) 228.4699 and we will be happy to process your order over the phone.

Special Pricing for Groups that Participate in our Webinars

Company of Experts encourages teams to participate in each webinar. We believe attending our webinars in groups can increase the value of the webinar for an organization. Each team member’s involvement in the webinar can have a tremendous impact on another member’s learning process. As they interact and learn new skills, more energy and enthusiasm is created. When this energy is utilized, it produces results which positively impacts engagement, motivation, and leads to even greater success.

Call Company of Experts at (702) 228-4699 for more information on group pricing.

If you would like to purchase group or multiple webinars (live and recorded) please contact Kathy for special pricing.

Upcoming Webinars

To view Company of Experts complete event listing, including webinars, please click here.

On-Demand Webinars

The links below provide an overview of the archived webinar, who it was designed for, its intended learning outcomes, as well as a short bio of the webinar presenter. If you would like to purchase one or more of our recordings, please contact Kathy for more information. She can be reached by phone at (702) 228-4699 or by email at Kathy@companyofexperts.net .

Webinar Title Date(s) Premiered Presenter(s)
Appreciative Inquiry and Families: Parents & Teens Aug. 24, 2010
Cheri Torres
Managing Time on the Run Aug. 19, 2010
Kathy Becker
Appreciative Inquiry for the Learning Organization Aug. 17, 2010 Cheri Torres
Managing Conflict at Work Aug. 5, 2010 Kathy Becker
Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities Mar. 30, 2010 Lane Glenn
The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Students Mar. 4, 2010 Richard Lyons
Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities Mar. 2, 2010 Lane Glenn
Foundations of Style:Behavior and the Bottom Line Nov. 19, 2009 Sue Cooney
Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities Nov. 12, 2009 Lane Glenn

Interested in delivering a webinar?

Do you have a webinar idea that you are willing to present that would benefit academics, healthcare professionals, non-profit organizations, corporations, governmental agencies, and other professionals?

Delivering a webinar, sponsored by the Company of Experts, will help build your credibility, expertise, and audience base. Together, with the help of Company of Experts staff, your webinar will be edited, designed, and promoted to ensure the highest degree of excellence.

Company of Experts welcomes webinar proposals and can range in topic. Webinar delivery dates and times are tailored to meet your busy schedule. Please download the webinar proposal form (download form here). Once completed, you may either email it to Kathy at Kathy@CompanyOfExperts.net or fax it to us at 702.242.6182.

We look forward to learning from you.

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