Will my services by marketed by the Company of Experts?

The Company of Experts will publicize the Expert on Call Program as well as the availability of consultants, facilitators and trainer. The Company of Experts will provide press release template and other materials so that you may publicize your status as an Expert on Call.

If you would like to have us design your event/training page, manage registrations, send e-mail promotions highlighting your event, please contact us directly at (702) 228-4699 for a price estimate.

What is my employment status?

Experts on Call (EoC) are independent business owners and are not employees of the Company of Experts, Inc. or any of its Divisions.

Am I guaranteed employment after joining the EoC program?

No. Due to the varied and complex nature of consulting, coaching, facilitating and training (as well as geographic differences) Company of Experts cannot forecast or guarantee the amount, duration, scope or location of trainings (and consulting) that its licensed trainers will receive in a given year. However, in the past we have had inquiries from various geographic regions and organizations regarding training and other services that we have been unable to fulfill because of logistics and availability. Company of Experts plans to refer these organizations to its Experts on Call (EoC) Members.

What is the purpose of the Experts on Call (EoC) Program?

Connecting with new clients is complex. Experts on Call share branding and name recognition to build new and enhanced connections with clients and other consultants world-wide. This is an important social network that combines professional identities with enhanced brand capacity.

  1. Build Community: to unify, to be a portal for collaboration for Experts on Call;
  2. Enhance Member Visibility: to help raise the brand profile of the members of the Experts on Call;
  3. Unified Brand Visibility: to increase the brand profile of the Experts on Call Program;
  4. Grow Business Opportunities: to broaden the reach of business opportunities and establish partnerships to increase the bottom line;
  5. Focus on Nurturing Aspects of Business: to provide collaboration so that Experts on Call focus on what they do best;
  6. Achieve High Client Satisfaction: to maintain the high rate of customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth reputation that we have been building since 1989.

Why would I want to become an Expert on Call (EoC)?

When you join the Company of Experts as an Expert on Call (EoC), you join a well-recognized international Company. The Company of Experts has been delivering high quality training and consulting for twenty-five years. We are looking to build our presence while helping you build and discover the benefits of working with others who share your values. When you join as an Expert on Call, you are part of an elite team of independent consultants who are making a Positive Difference in the World Inspiring Success and Connections of People and Organizations.

As a member, you are not alone in building your business. You have the wealth of knowledge, connection and insight of the other members. You also have the ability to help us grow and design this program to be truly member focused.