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As a small business we are committed to continue to reach out to others who are seeking to make a positive difference in organizations, for people, our planet and the future.

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[13 Jan 2015 by ]

You started out with an unimaginably exciting idea, made a plan that you’ve started, and now you’re down in the trenches. It’s not flowing as easily as you had hoped, and some days it’s not even fun anymore.
What happened?
Any new venture involves six basic stages of development: imagining, clarifying, aligning, planning, executing and adapting.
Understanding this sequence is important, but it all gets rather dry without the inspiration of your Big Why. Why are you called to invest time, energy and money in this new idea, this new venture, this new …

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[20 May 2014 by ]

A few days ago I shared a fascinating HBR article on LinkedIn titled, “Become a Company That Questions Everything“. The article talks about how companies should encourage curiosity in the workforce by inviting employees and other stakeholders to ask questions. The article itself has a large graphic of the word “why”. As I shared the article on our various social media outlets, one person asked me if “why” is an appreciative question. I stopped what I was doing just so that I could let that question sink in. I mean, …

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[28 Apr 2014 by ]
It’s April, Let’s JAM (Jazz Appreciation Month)

If it is April, it must be Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM)! Even though I cannot read music, carry a tune, or have rhythm – this has not diminished my love for Jazz, or music in general. Frank Barrett, a professor of management at the Naval Postgraduate School in California – who is also a jazz pianist, believes change agents can learn a lot from Jazz such as the art of improvisation, continuous learning, and permission to experiment. (You can read Forbes’ article, Leadership Lessons From the Geniuses of Jazz where …

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[15 Jan 2014 by ]

Like many of you in the AI field, I have practiced Appreciative Inquiry for a number of years. During this time I have taught Appreciative Inquiry, consulted using Appreciative Inquiry, and have developed Appreciative Inquiry workshops on behalf of the Center for Appreciative Inquiry. At the end of 2013, I had the opportunity to participate in the Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training (AICT). I did not have any experience coaching, but being a life-long learner, was excited about participating in this highly-experiential workshop.
I learned so much in this training, not just …

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[9 Jan 2014 by ]

Since 1989, Company of Experts has developed an excellent word-of-mouth reputation by helping hundreds of organizations and groups, and thousands of individuals, heighten their energy, sharpen their vision, and inspire their action for change.
To celebrate 25 years, we are offering an additional $250.00 savings on all 2014 Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Trainings (AIFT) being hosted in Las Vegas! Register early and combine your $250.00 savings on top of our Early Bird Registration Discount. Please enter promo code: THEBIG25 upon checkout to receive our 25 year celebratory discount. Discount cannot be combines …