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The Connection between Style, Productivity, & Morale: Why it is Essential to Understand and Respond to Different Styles


How often do you get frustrated or upset as a result of how others have delivered their message or treated you? What about the times you’ve tried to communicate your point, but just don’t seem to get through to your audience? What’s the price you’ve paid for these disconnects in communications? How has it affected relationships and collaboration? What would be the benefit if it improved?

Anyone who has ever worked with others knows people approach situations differently. At times, these differences can create fresh perspectives, balance, and innovative solutions. Understanding personal style, and acting on that knowledge, can lead to improved performance, productivity, and morale.

Unfortunately, the converse can also be true. Often the differences in style lead to misunderstanding, mistrust, and frustration. This can then lead to lowered productivity and undesirable outcomes. Consider the following short (true) example:

I was requested by a client to coach an employee who was “having issues” with a team mate. As I sat down with the employee, something immediately became obvious… he was a matter of fact, direct, results driven guy. He acted quickly in an effort to hit his goals. His team mate, on the other hand, was relatively quiet, less direct, and seemed to take the words and actions very personally.

May not seem a big issue, but in this instance, they were required to collaborate on business opportunities. The bottom line… misinterpretations of styles and lack of insight into how to work with one another drove the two apart and cost the organization a deal worth more than $1M.

While this scenario might be extreme, conflicts, difficulty communicating with others, and less than optimal working relationships, are an everyday occurrence.

Your ability to understand your own characteristics/style, as well as those around you, can help you:

1.      Identify personal tendencies

2.      Adapt for improved communications and interpersonal relationships

3.      Effectively meet the needs of yourself and others

4.      Understand and respond to information and interactions more appropriately

5.      Get things accomplished!

For many of us, it’s likely that you’ve been using information about social style on an intuitive level for many years. Formalizing that understanding is a next step to taking actions.


Author: Sue Cooney

Check out Sue’s upcoming Webinar – Foundations of Style: Behavior and the Bottom Line – premiering November 19, 2009 at 2PM (EST)

Foundations of Style: Behavior and the Bottom Line


Using the Social Styles model as the foundation, this workshop provides an introduction to four personal tendencies: Analytical, Driver, Amiable, and Expressive. Through this awareness, participants are more prepared to understand, and adjust, when interacting with others.

While it is true that “we are who we are”, the ability to adapt our style of communicating and interacting is essential for achieving the results we desire.

Designed For:

Anyone wanting to influence and get results with others. This critical skill topic applies to people at all levels and across diverse organizations (it’s also useful to apply in one’s personal life) who want to improve communication and interpersonal effectiveness. If you, like many others, want to figure out how to more effectively interact with people, this session is for you!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify your personal style and tendencies
  • Characterize all four styles to be able to recognize the tendencies of others around you
  • Recognize the importance of adapting your style for improved effectiveness and productivity
  • Build a plan for applying your style knowledge to a current situation back in the workplace

Materials Required:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • A PowerPoint presentation and PDF handouts will be distributed to participants prior to the webinar.

Facilitator Bio:

Your webinar facilitator, Sue Cooney, is an independent learning and performance consultant who partners within the public and private sector to plan, administer, and evaluate interventions that help drive accountability, develop employees, grow leadership at all levels, strengthen performance, and reinforce learning throughout the organization. Prior to entering the training and organizational development field, Sue spent 15 years in small and large business with responsibility for  sales, marketing, management, training, new business start up, and customer service.

Sue’s primary focus is critical skills, where she has developed and taught a variety of courses such as leadership and supervision, communication, time and meetings management, performance management, and service excellence. In addition to development and facilitation, Sue is performance and career coach, certified Social Styles facilitator, and Appreciative Inquiry facilitator.

Sue’s education includes a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Towson University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore. Sue is currently completing the research phase of her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership… More>

Additional Information:

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