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Cash For Clunkers Concept

Cash for Clunkers, what a concept. What do you do when you feel like a clunker? Too many miles? Need a new paint job? Maybe the clutch is a bit worn? No government bail out here – how did I get left out? The truth is, you can be your own stimulus plan and perhaps it maybe a requirement for our times. You have that power, that ability to regenerate your energy and revitalize your attitude and your life.

We live in interesting time, and the world is changing faster than we could ever imagined a decade ago. Now more than ever, it’s so important for us to stay focused on our own positive vibes so that we may achieve our individual goals. If times seem dark and dreary, turn your vision toward a successful and fulfilled future. We are each powerful humans with the ability to generate the energy to fuel our personal engines and fire all those cylinders.

Emails, twitter, the evening new and negative images and words that conjure even more negativity. It is enough to make a person feel down. The repetition of negativity bears down on our subconscious and leads to feeling as though we are powerless.  Depression is a medical issue and anyone can become depressed.  If you are depressed, please seek out professional guidance. Don’t be fearful of asking for help. There is a vast support system out there to assist you.

I feel so fortunate to work with people who are seeking out new and energized ways to improve their personal happiness and the well-being of others. Some of what I have learned from so many has been that improving our attitude is a first step toward being happier and healthier. We have that individual power to change our perception and our reality. By focusing on what we want more of for our future – creating a positive mindset. Changing you view is possible by becoming the CEO of Organization ME. Lead yourself through the tough times with compassion, energy and a view of all is possible.

Some simple steps that have been shared with me can and I now share them with you:

  1. Spend some time reflecting each day – five minutes. Lack of sleep can make it hard to focus. Before bedtime, think about one or two good things that happened that day.  Filling your mind with what made you smile or laugh during that day may just make it easier for you to relax and get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Begin to watch the words you and others use. Focus your questions to be positive. Example: Instead of, “Why am I always late?” ask yourself, “What meetings, events, or appointments are so important to me so that I am on time for them?”
  3. Searching for solutions will make you open to new ideas – be creative.
  4. Be your own advocate: circumstances beyond your control may place you in an uncomfortable situation and may cause you to feel exhausted and out of control. Champion your cause, solving problems and making decisions to overcome what may feel like an obstacle can improve your well-being.
  5. Celebrate life everyday! Make a conscious choice to be appreciative and embrace the love and lives around you.