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Strength Based Leadership: Positive Approaches for Outstanding Performance

Webinar Overview:

Who we are when we are at our best?  How do leaders and managers learn to discover and leverage their own strengths, capture the human energy within their organizations, and create cultures that help people perform at their best? This program helps participants understand and leverage personal strengths and discover ways of maximizing the strengths of those around them. We’ll explore:

  • The four primary sources of the positive, appreciative, strengths-based movement, and the value of each
  • The business case for this approach to management and leadership
  • Developing an “appreciative eye.”
  • Strengths spotting: discovering others’ strengths and capabilities
  • Capitalizing on the strengths of others; using strengths to build high performing teams
  • Positive approaches for developing a culture of high performance

Designed For:

Leaders, managers, and employees in all levels of an organization.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will:

  • Understand sources behind the research and theory of positive, appreciative, strengths-based leadership
  • Understand the assessments available for strengths-based work and positive leadership
  • Learn about the business case for these approaches to leadership and management
  • Learn about specific tools for being a positive, appreciative, strengths-based leader/manager
Price: $9.99 USD (for 60-minute webinar recording only) [paid-downloads id=”5″]
Price: $9.99 USD (for 90-minutes webinar recording only) [paid-downloads id=”6″]


Ray Wells, Ph.D., is based in suburban Philadelphia, and specializes in strengths-based approaches in designing leadership, team and organization development programs for clients.  Over the past 22 years, his firm has customized programs and projects for nearly 100 non-profit, business, and education clients in organizations ranging from just a dozen people to the Fortune 500, from the smallest private schools to the Ivy League, from single-office non-profit agencies to the largest corporate health systems.

Ray has been deeply engaged in Appreciative Inquiry work since his initial exposure in 2000.  As a consultant and facilitator, Ray is in the midst of designing his seventh major Appreciative Inquiry Summit.  They include extensive “interventions” and multi-day events for the United Way of Southeast Pennsylvania, North Penn United Way, Penn State University, the U.S. Navy and a large South Jersey transportation company. He is also a co-owner of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, LLC.