Success Through Emotional & Social Intelligence

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Emotional IntelligenceEveryone who works for a living-no matter what the organization or industry-education, law, banking, tech corporations, this workshop is ideal for everyone including managers and executives.


This workshop provides an opportunity to begin a journey toward becoming more aware of Emotional Intelligence in your everyday workplace, to discovering the link between Emotional Intelligence competencies and success, and to learning techniques for enhancing your own Emotional Intelligence and for achieving your vision of success.


  • Identify your own Emotional Intelligence strengths and areas needing development in a confidential assessment
  • Align your values and vision to develop your own vision of success
  • Discover how Emotional Intelligence is connected to success in the workplace for enhanced decision making, critical analysis, collaboration, problem solving, and leadership
  • Understand the five dimensions of the Success Model of Emotional Intelligence
  • Explore the concepts and implications of Emotional Intelligence as you interact with others
  • Learn ways to enhance Emotional Intelligence, and begin your own development plan toward the successful achievement of your goals

Materials Required:

This workshop may require books, materials, online assessments, or the use of proprietary software which typically will be included in the cost of the workshop.

Customize Your Training:

Company of Experts, Inc. delivers its workshops in a variety of ways: on-site, hybrid, or online; providing users with the option to decide which learning method works best for their organization and/or individual.

If you would like to have this workshop on-site, please email Kathy at to find out how easy and affordable this program is.

If you would like to register for an online workshop, please click here.

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