Strategic Networking

Today’s professionals know that networking has moved out of the conference room and into their daily lives via social media, community involvement, and professional development opportunities. The internet has revolutionized the way we interact with others; the way we build brand identity, and the way we communicate. Effective networking  is no longer a skill only upper echelon leaders must have—it’s now an expectation for all professionals.

Why should you take this workshop?

  • Many professionals are not sure how to effectively network; they need training to feel more comfortable;
  • Networking myths and misconceptions are common and create hindrances to professional development; getting to practice in a safe environment while learning the skills builds confidence;
  • Today’s leaders are expected to know how to network but few have received training in how to do it or know what successful networking looks like; when you know what success looks like you can develop specific actions steps to achieve it;
  • There is a growing need to network via social media but not everyone understands how to do so strategically; receiving an overview of the big 4 and learning how to use your time effectively will allow you to develop a customized networking strategy to build brand identity;
  • Asking for what you want/need from your network can be daunting unless you know how; gaining the skills and knowing how will increase the odds of having your request answered.

Who is this workshop designed for?

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in enhancing their networking skills.

‘Strategic Networking’ Workshop Outcomes

This one day workshop includes mini-lectures, and experiential learning (individual, pairs, trios, small group, and large group) as well as auditory and visual materials to enhance the learning experience. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have the knowledge to:

  • Describe what successful networking is, who does it, the various venues to network, and the benefits of networking;
  • Conduct a self-assessment of their networking skills, so they can list their strengths and identify areas to enhance;
  • Challenge preconceived ideas and myths about networking, so they can describe how they create limiting beliefs and interfere with networking;
  • Identify the characteristics, behaviors, responses, and outcomes of both unsuccessful and successful networking;
  • Create short and long term networking goals that inspire them to continue developing their skills;
  • State the different networking purposes/roles, so they can develop customized strategies appropriate for each networking opportunity;
  • Gain awareness of networking fundamentals so they can recognize and use different activities to optimize networking efforts before, during, and after the event;
  • Practice networking in a safe environment so they can build their confidence and apply the techniques they are learning in the moment;
  • Receive an overview of the Big 4 social media resources so they can develop a plan for how to use their time most effectively to build their brand identity;
  • Get practice asking for what they want/need from their network.

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