Problem Solving

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Problem SolvingEveryone who works for a living-no matter what the organization or industry-education, law, banking, tech corporations, this workshop is ideal for everyone including managers and executives.


Dealing with problems on an everyday basis can get in the way of moving ahead. Learn to analyze problems and seek solutions so that you can focus on generating revenue.


  • Describe and analyze problems and recognize improvement opportunities you encounter at work
  • Write a problem or opportunity statement, describing a problem situation or improvement opportunity clearly and precisely
  • Use an orderly, step-by-step process to solve problems or make improvements
  • Apply creativity to the problem solving or improvement opportunity process
  • Apply and teach others what you’ve learned

Materials Required:

This workshop may require books, materials, online assessments, or the use of proprietary software which typically will be included in the cost of the workshop.

Customize Your Training:

Company of Experts, Inc. delivers its workshops in a variety of ways: on-site, hybrid, or online; providing users with the option to decide which learning method works best for their organization and/or individual.

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