Developing Intended Learning Outcomes and Assessments


Teachers and trainers are being asked by accreditation commissions, other external and internal authorities and learners to: (1) develop clear statements of the intended learning outcomes of their courses or workshops; and (2) develop authentic or performance assessment tasks that will allow learners to clearly demonstrate how well they have achieved the intended learning outcomes.

Designed For:

Teachers and trainers in any context, but especially those who are concerned about meeting their school or college’s regional accreditation standards

Learning Outcomes:


Given a definition of terms and three examples, you will develop at least one intended learning outcome and at least one authentic or performance assessment task for a course or workshop you are currently teaching or getting ready to teach.


The Teaching and Learning Cycle will be used to present the webinar content:

  1. Bridge in – Why learn about developing Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments?
  2. Outcomes – Intended learning outcomes of this webinar:
    • Mine: what I would like you to take away/learn in this webinar
    • Central ideas – components of an outcome statement; components of an authentic or performance assessment task
    • Skills – ability to develop intended learning outcome statements and authentic or performance assessment tasks
    • Information – definition of terms
    • Participants: What you would like to take away/learn in this webinar
  3. Pre-assessment – What do you already know about SLOs and authentic or performance assessment?
  4. Presentation
    • Definition of terms
      • Student Learning Outcome (SLO) statement – A statement of what learners should know and what they should be able to do with what they know when they finish the lesson or workshop. What are the central ideas, or skills, or information that you want your learners to know or be able to do when they finish the lesson or workshop?
      • Authentic or performance assessment task – A task that allows the learner to demonstrate to you, the teacher/trainer, how well he or she has achieved the SLO. It needs to be as close as possible to a real-life, outside-world application or task, not a traditional “classroom” task such as a paper/pencil test.
  5. Practice – Select a course or workshop you are currently teaching or planning to teach. Select an important central idea or skill or information from the course or workshop you want your learners to learn. Develop an SLO statement and an authentic assessment task. Submit it to me at the end of this webinar by email. I will work with you until both components meet accreditation standards.
  6. Post-assessment – Now what do you know about developing SLO statements and authentic or performance assessment tasks, and how will you apply it?

Materials Required:

  • Computer with Internet access

Facilitator Bio:

Your facilitator, Nancy E. Stetson, Ed.D., holds an Ed.D. in higher education from Nova Southeastern University. She also is a certified Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Facilitator. Her 30-year consulting, teaching and training experience includes the development and facilitation of several adult education courses for UC Berkeley Extension and UC Online, including Assessment and Evaluation, and Instructional Strategies for the Adult and Adolescent Learner; and the development and facilitation of numerous workshops for college faculty on the topic of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment. She also has developed courses and taught them at public and private two and four-year colleges and universities, and currently is a Mentor/Assessor in Walden University’s online Ph.D. in Education program… More>

Additional Information:

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