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Accreditation solutions that work for your school, college, or university. USE YOUR VALUABLE TRAINING AND CONSULTING DOLLARS WISELY.

Your accreditation embodies the excellence and innovation that your institution strives to be known for. We can assist in creating a professional product that you and your institution can be proud of by bringing our experience and expertise to this important process.

The Company of Experts, Inc. provides a range of services to help colleges and universities facilitate their accreditation or the re-affirmation of their accreditation while engaging stakeholders to assess and identify strengths for full buy-in of the accreditation standards and organizational outcomes.

Colleges and Universities are facing fiscal and accountability challenges during a time of unique opportunities to create new programs and services to students. The accreditation process has become more demanding to demonstrate performance outcomes and an increasingly visible means for colleges and universities to demonstrate measurable performance improvement.

Accreditation services are provided by educators and administrators that have had direct experience within an organization, just like yours, as well as collaborating with various accrediting bodies. They understand your needs and your unique challenges. Why hire someone for this crucial role who has to learn about the accreditation processes affecting colleges, schools, and universities? Hire an expert…

Company of Experts, Inc. is a service provider for the American Association of Community College

Areas of Expertise:

  • Accreditation Self-Study Support
  • Assessing Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Assistance with writing and proofreading accreditation self-study documents
  • Collaboration with Accrediting Organizations
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining an accreditation website for all stakeholders working on the accreditation process
  • Developing faculty and staff learning and professional development programs
  • Editing and Planning
  • Mock Accreditation Panels
  • Research, evaluation, and stakeholder engagement for program development and enhancement
  • Restructuring
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Development

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