Hiring an EOC

Since 1989, the Company of Experts, Inc., has been dedicated to providing services and resources that make the world better— one individual, one team, one organization at a time. We are a global network of independent and small, entrepreneurial consultants (including trainers, facilitators, and coaches) built on trust, hard work and whose values are on building lasting relationships. Each Expert on Call is an independent contractor who has the ability to negotiate their own price and invoice clients directly. They have access to other expertise to fully support any size organization or project.

Outstanding Connections

We are relationship focused. Our commitment is to connecting people with outstanding qualifications in their field and awesome client feedback/recommendations with clients (individuals, organizations and agencies) who seek to develop expertise within their organization.

Experts on Call have exceptional skills, experience and commitment to the success of each client and project. All of our consulting work is grounded upon participatory and strengths based processes that engage and respect people, their time, commitment, energy and shared trust and understanding.

The Company of Experts, Inc., links clients to consulting, training and coaching expertise. It‘s comprehensive international database of consultants (Experts on Call), recent client feedback, and potential job opportunities. This is where transparency, high ethical standards and outstanding content and delivery meet.

Sustainable Outcomes

We fully engage in and connect with each other building a solid partnership leveraging our energy. Leading with passion and heart, our belief is that each person and organization has the potential to thrive. Our goal is to guide you to unleash that potential. This is more than a client/consultant relationship; it is a partnership for success. Our reputation is built upon the commitment of each Expert on Call.

The Company of Experts, Inc., mission is to organize and engage the consulting, training, and coaching community and to connect clients looking for outstanding service by subject matter experts that meet our test of excellence.

Networking in our global community is easier than ever. Ensuring that your networks are compatible with your values and expertise is not always so easy. Company of Experts works to make those connections solid, long-lasting and secure.

As a small business we are committed to continue to reach out to others who are seeking to make a positive difference in organizations, for people, our planet and the future.

Finding an Expert on Call

If you have a consulting assignment, you may search using our Expert on Call Directory. There is no cost to you. You may search by specialty area, location or by name (if you are looking for a specific person). Once you locate an Expert on Call, you may find out more about them by reviewing their portfolio and client feedback. If you want to know more or to obtain information about their availability and pricing, you may contact them directly. It is that easy to make your initial contact. Each Expert on Call is an independent contractor and will be responsibility for their contracting, project development and invoicing. We recognize the power of referrals and each assignment is important to us. That is why we provide the opportunity to connect with us directly if you have questions and why we encourage client feedback for each Expert on Call.

Submit a job Posting

If you would like to have more Experts on Call apply for your consulting assignment or possibly an interim position, you may submit a Job posting. Information that we will need prior to posting your job. There is no cost to individuals or organizations to post a job. We will need the following information:

  1. Organization Information. Organization Name/Your Name/Title/Address/contact telephone number
  2. Job Information. Full description of the work or service you are requesting (such as: team building, strategic planning, coaching) event date(s)/language/time zone/venue/website/Special considerations
  3. Contact information. Name/title/email/telephone/fax
  4. Word document with details about the consulting assignment
  5. Submit your job posting to Kathy Becker. You will be contacted if we have any questions prior to posting you job on our internal site. Once posted you will receive a confirmation.


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