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Sustainable Momentum Requires the Big Why

You started out with an unimaginably exciting idea, made a plan that you’ve started, and now you’re down in the trenches. It’s not flowing as easily as you had hoped, and some days it’s not even fun anymore.

What happened?

Any new venture involves six basic stages of development: imagining, clarifying, aligning, planning, executing and adapting.

Understanding this sequence is important, but it all gets rather dry without the inspiration of your Big Why. Why are you called to invest time, energy and money in this new idea, this new venture, this new solution to big challenges you are ready to face?

Are you letting yourself be guided by small why’s or your Big Why?

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Small why’s come from survival needs and the wound-driven phase of our lives. There is nothing wrong with small why’s; they serve a very important function. When we were young we learned certain strategies to please our caregivers and make it to adulthood. For example, you may work really long hours to please the inner critic who worried that you never did things well enough to please Dad, which gave you the discipline you needed to succeed in business.

However, since small why’s are always old why’s, they can get dry as toast when navigating something more difficult than you’ve faced before. And if you consider yourself a changemaker, you’ll be tackling challenges no one has solved before!

That’s why you need to know and stay in touch with your Big Why, in order to stay inspired long enough to make a difference in the world.

Your Big Why is your passionate purpose, something that calls you from deep within.

How do you stay in contact with your passionate purpose?

The simplest way is to write it down and post it where you can see it every day where you work. For example, “My purpose is to inspire others to awaken through creative self-expression.” or “My mission is to help develop sustainable energy sources for the world.”

Yet even that, a statement or three on a piece of paper, can get stale, because it is not dynamically alive the way you are.

The best way to stay in touch with your Big Why is to grow an ongoing two-way relationship with your own inner guidance. This allows you to have an evolving understanding of your purpose as well as clarity on the best path for executing it.

Don’t let yourself get so caught up in the “getting-it-done” part of social entrepreneurship that you lose sight of why it matters to you.

A healthy relationship with your inner wisdom requires the same kind of time and attention as any relationship.  It could happen through meditating, journaling, or contemplating in nature. The most important element is commitment to regular contact, and the structures and possible instruction that will allow you the most effective means of making contact.

What steps do you need to take to sustain your connection with your passionate purpose?

TweetChats – #AskEoC

What is #AskEoC?

The purpose of our Twitter Chat (titled #AskEoC) is to come together to answer questions, address concerns, and share stories and resources around topics that are of interest to you. Experts on Call (EoCs) will be online and available to answer your questions, suggest readings, and provide additional resources to help you as you. A new topic will be picked each month based on the interests of the group.

Why Participate in #AskEoC?

Participating in our #AskEoC offers several benefits, such as: building community, making new friends, learning from others, connecting with experts in the field, and discussing interesting topics.

When is #AskEoC?

#AskEoC date and time is TBD. Please check back for dates and times.

Submit a Topic or Question:

What topics or questions would you most like to explore during an #AskEoC? Your curiosity and questions help to enhance the dialogue and learning for all those involved in the chat. Kindly send all chat questions to Kathy at Please be sure to add your Twitter name e.g. @yourtwittername so we can credit you with the questions during the chat.

Stay Informed:

The official Twitter account for #AskEoC is @ExpertCompany. Follow this twitter account to receive information about upcoming #AskEoC chats, exclusive offers, specials and discounts for various trainings, online programs, webinars and podcasts.  In addition to receiving discounts, we also post new events, as well as industry related videos and articles that my interest you and your colleagues.

Tweet Chat Instructions:

To participate in our #AskEoC, you will need to have a twitter account. Make sure you add a photo and brief bio about yourself so that we may get to know each other better as we exchange ideas, thoughts, links, and resources during the #AskEoC.

Below are additional links to help you learn more about Tweet Chat:

Expert on Call (EoC) Application

Company of Experts, Inc. is pleased to offer the Expert on Call (EoC) Directory. Each Expert on Call is an independent business consultants looking to build their professional brand, network with industry experts, and build connections and relationships with clients. There are two ways to apply to become an EoC.

1. Register Online.

Before beginning your online registration, you will first need to create a free member login. We recommend that you have the following information ready to upload before you begin your online registration. You have the opportunity to modify and update your profile as you gather more items to add to your page. To begin your online registration, please click HERE.

  • Business information (address, telephone number, etc.);
  • Introductory Bio (140 characters or less). This is what will appear in the EoC Directory;
  • Biography (this will be seen on your Expert on Call Profile Page);
  • Social Media urls and IDs for: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Skype;
  • Specialties and/or Services you offer;
  • Articles Written or Books Published (if possible, please have the urls available);
  • Videos (if possible, please have the urls available – you may wish to create your own YouTube channel to increase your SEO);
  • Portfolio (e.g. webinars, presentations, podcasts, etc. – you may wish to create a SlideShare account to increase your SEO);
  • Clients you have served;
  • Testimonials from clients.

2. Register via E-mail/Fax.

To register by email or fax, please click HERE to download our EoC registration form. Kindly complete the form and either fax it to our office at (702) 906-1498 or email it to Kathy at You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days to confirm your EoC registration .