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A Lesson to Be Learned from Canadian Geese

This morning, a rather warm morning  I stepped out of doors to run an errand.  Upon leaving the building I heard a familiar sound.  The sound emanated from a flock of Canadian Geese,  flying rather low, headed South. The call of the Canadian Geese was very familiar as I was reminded of my experiences while working or visiting my Aunt and Uncle on their working ranch.  It was a beautiful sight and a treat to hear their call or honk.

Did you know that a flock of Canadian Geese will fly, at times,  1,500 miles in a twenty-four hour time period.  A Canadian Goose is a social bird remaining in their flock throughout the year.   The V formation while in flight is well known.  There is a lead “honker” with the others following or drafting behind.  Eventually, the honker flying “point” will wait for the others to pass him falling to last in line for a rest.

I pictured this as a metaphor,  an example of  a strong social behavior, teamwork,  flying  in formation with the intent of not only drafting but disciplined in supporting the flock.   How often do we as individuals or organizations practice this type of behavior?  A behavior that is supportive, organized and disciplined in the best interest of the flock.

We as beings can do the same.

“Jim’s of Wisdom”

looking-through2What do you dream? What does your dream look like? My dream is to give every individual the opportunity to be a student. My passion is to provide students the skills to become learners. Where do we start? Does every learner learn the same as you? Some years ago I was asked, “Did you see Aristotle today”? I was taught by Artistotle, not in my primary years but in those years that followed. I experienced a series of lectures, required readings and assessments based what I had learned. In most cases we still expect learners to follow Aristotle. “Learners vote with their feet”. The students of today are no different than ones of yesterday. The only difference is they have the opportunity of choice.

In our K-12 schools the choices range from private, public, charter, home schooled or online. Today is yesterday with tomorrow presenting a different beginning. Today’s learner has the opportunity to choose where they go to learn and how they learn. A professional acquaintance asked, “How do we identify or locate the polished stones”? His definition of a polished stone is a learner that academically excels in content and subject matter in a specific discipline. The question is not, how do we find the “polished stones” but how do we create them? What is your dream today? My dream is taking a kaleidoscope, holding it to my eye and “Imagining more than I can see”.


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Jim Pulliam retired after thirty-four years of public service in the California community college system and four years in the K-12 system in California. Jim’s professional experience includes serving as a faculty member, dean, provost and founding Superintendent/President of a California Community College District. Jim has been certified by Company of as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator. Read More>